Welcome to Liverpool Walton Labour!

The Labour Party is built on equality, social justice and compassion. Those values are shared by over 600,000 members, making Labour the biggest party in Western Europe. Here in Walton, we have over 1,100 members and growing.

Our members are our greatest asset, the bedrock of our movement for the redistribution of wealth, power and opportunity. As a member, you’ll be a key part of the team. You can help to shape party policy, attend local meetings, get active supporting your local community and even stand as a candidate.

How the Labour Party Works

Liverpool Walton Labour is a Constituency Labour Party (CLP) representing the constituency of Liverpool Walton, which is made up of six wards: Anfield, Everton, County, Clubmoor, Warbreck and Fazakerley. Each ward has its own Branch Labour Party (BLP) and local councillors.

To find out more about how the branches, the constituency and the regional / national Labour Party work together, you can contact us here.

You can also download our members’ welcome pack. Click your ward below:

Members’ Welcome Pack – Anfield
Members’ Welcome Pack – County
Members’ Welcome Pack – Clubmoor
Members’ Welcome Pack – Everton
Members’ Welcome Pack – Fazakerley
Members’ Welcome Pack – Warbreck